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Marantz SD9000 3-Head 2-Speed Compudeck – STUNNING

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We find the most interesting Cassette Decks For Sale. Here are the best deals we found for Marantz SD9000 3-Head 2-Speed Compudeck – STUNNING for sale on the Internet.

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Marantz SD9000 3-Head 2-Speed Compudeck – STUNNING Picture(s) and Description:

 169211605493983640 Marantz SD9000 3 Head 2 Speed Compudeck   STUNNING

Description: Initially offered in 1980 as the flagship of Marantz's cassette deck line, the SD9000 Compudeck is one of the best-built, most feature-packed cassette decks ever offered for consumer use. The SD9000 utilizes two DC servo motors for precision tape control and three heads for direct tape to source comparison as you record. The SD9000 also incorporates an advanced microprocessor-controlled music search feature, allowing you to program which songs on a given cassette you'd like to listen to, as well as the order in which you'd like to hear them. The SD9000 also offers a digital timer function for automatic timer recording or playback - accurate to the minute. In fact, with its timer-controlled rear accessory outlet, you can even use this deck as a lamp timer! In addition, the SD9000 includes a slew of other advanced features like bias fine adjustment, an auto tape slack removal circuit, mic/line mixing, electronic timer memory, solenoid-controlled, full-logic transport, and the list goes on and on.... The typical cassette deck records at 1-7/8 ips, however the SD9000 2-speed also offers a 3-3/4 ips speed, normally found only on reel-to-reel machines. Since the signal is spread out over twice as much tape, the tape is less likely to become over-saturated with magnetic information, resulting in not only much higher quality sound, but less noise as well. In fact, with the improved sound quality and dynamic range afforded by the higher speed, this cassette deck can produce recordings rivaling those of professional reel-to-reel decks. The original owner's manual and specifications sheet, as well as an original 6-page promotional brochure for this deck is included in the auction. Condition: Cosmetically, this particular unit is in amazing condition - at least a 9+ out of a possible 10 - check the detail pictures for yourself . There are two tiny nicks on the top edge of the faceplate that I took special care to show in the picture set. The rest of the deck is virtually flawless. The wood case is in mint condition. The knobs, switches, and clear plastic areas sparkle like new. The metal case is in perfect shape without evidence of scratching, dents or dings. The inside also looks brand new - no dust build-up or evidence of any corrosion. (As a side note, because this question always seems to come up, Marantz made two cosmetic versions of this deck - the 'silver' version, and the 'gold' version - this is the earlier, 'silver' version, best matched to the cosmetics of the classic '70's Marantz product offerings.) Functionally, this unit is perfect. Everything I thought to test - line & mic record, playback, Dolby tracking, track search programming - worked perfectly, smoothly, and noiselessly. All switches function quietly and positively, the rotary controls are smooth and noise-free. The rewind and fast forwards functions are nice and strong with plenty of torque; the tape heads show little to no evidence of wear - in fact, it appears that this deck was very rarely used. The rubber is soft and pliable; all belts and idler tires have been replaced; the transport has been cleaned and lubed, the heads cleaned and demagnetized. The optical couplers, a common source of failure in these decks, have been replaced as well. When you compare the source to the tape (easy to do, since this is a three-head machine), the difference is almost indistinguishable - the acid test for true recording quality. All in all, this is an outstanding specimen of a cassette deck that is getting extremely difficult to find - particularly with the rare wood case. Don't let this beauty slip away! Features: 3 head, 2 motor design 1-7/8 ips and 3-3/4 ips recording speeds Programmable music search - songs may be played in any sequence! Solenoid controlled full-logic tape transport Dolby B noise reduction MPX Filter Microprocessor-controlled music search and programming capability Front-panel microphone jacks, with mic/line mixing capability Remote control compatible (remote NOT included in this auction) Auto tape slack removal circuitry Built in clock and timer for timer-controlled recording and playback 400 watt rear accessory outlet (switched AND timer-controlled!) Metal, CrO2, FeCr, and normal tape formulation capability 12-segment, dual color LED peak level display Bias fine control, output level control, headphone jack...and more Remote control capability (remote NOT included) Specifications: Frequency Response (high speed): Metal: 25 Hz ~ 23 kHz (±3dB) FeCr: 25 Hz ~ 22 kHz (±3dB) CrO2: 25 Hz ~ 22 kHz (±3dB) Normal: 25 Hz ~ 20 kHz (±3dB) Frequency Response (normal speed): Metal: 25 Hz ~ 20 kHz (±3dB) FeCr: 25 Hz ~ 18 kHz (±3dB) CrO2: 25 Hz ~ 17 kHz (±3dB) Normal: 25 Hz ~ 16 kHz (±3dB) Wow and Flutter: High speed: 0.03% Normal speed: 0.05% Signal to Noise Ratio: Dolby NR On: High speed: 72 dB Normal speed: 69 dB Noise Reduction Off: High speed: 62 dB Normal speed: 59 dB. Dimensions (W x H x D): 16-3/8" x 5-3/4" x 11-5/8" Weight: 22 lbs., 1 oz. (10 kg) Serial Number: 02C010044 Additional specifications available upon request Terms: Even though this item is in excellent condition and perfect working order, due to its age, it is being offered as-is, with no warranties stated or implied. Per eBay guidelines, I accept PayPal exclusively for payment. Buyer pays fixed FedEx Ground shipping rate of $30.00, which includes shipping insurance and bullet-proof packing, for any destination in the continental US. I will ship internationally as well, however shipping charges will vary based upon buyer's destination, and buyer must agree to be responsible for any customs duties or VAT. Buyer MUST respond within 3 days of the auction end or transaction will be void. Payment MUST be received within 10 days of the end of the auction or the transaction will be void. I reserve the right to cancel bids from any party with a feedback rating below zero, or any party with excessive negative feedback. Good luck and happy bidding!

 169211605493983641 Marantz SD9000 3 Head 2 Speed Compudeck   STUNNING
 169211605493983642 Marantz SD9000 3 Head 2 Speed Compudeck   STUNNING
 169211605493983643 Marantz SD9000 3 Head 2 Speed Compudeck   STUNNING

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