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Yamaha KX-1200U Cassette Deck

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Yamaha KX-1200U Cassette Deck Picture(s) and Description:

 135222706652988800 Yamaha KX 1200U Cassette Deck

YAMAHA KX-1200U AUDIOPHILE CASSETTE DECK Top of the line deck from the early 90's. This 3 head machine has all the bells and whistles and will get the very best out of any tape you have. The ORBIT feature gets you perfect settings for each tape prior to recording. With DBX I can't really tell the difference between tape and CD. Smooth push button transport controls ensure precise operation. Super FAST rewind and fast forward! A C90 tape rewinds in about a minute. Remote control included and mirrors most features found on deck itself. Also included are the brochure, magazine test report, and copy of owner's manual. Front panel is in perfect shape, only minor scuff on top. Upgraded gold input and output jacks on back ensure tight connections. This Yamaha is perfect except that during the first 10 to 15 minutes of operation the tape playback flutters until the transport is warmed up. It could need a belt or just an adjustment. Price reflects this. No reserve on this guy! Link to specs http://www.vintagecassette.com/Yamaha/KX-1200

 135222706652988801 Yamaha KX 1200U Cassette Deck
 135222706652988802 Yamaha KX 1200U Cassette Deck
 135222706652988803 Yamaha KX 1200U Cassette Deck

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